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Workshop 6: Advanced Beekeeping July 8th

Workshop 6: Advanced Beekeeping July 8th

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Advanced Beekeeping is a course designed to give experienced beekeepers the knowledge and skills needed to take their beekeeping to the next level. This course is ideal for those looking to expand their beekeeping operations, increase their honey production, or simply gain a deeper understanding of beekeeping.

The Advanced Beekeeping course covers a variety of topics, including bee biology, hive management, pest control, honey extraction, and more. Participants will learn the latest techniques for managing bees and hives, as well as the best practices for harvesting honey. They will also gain an understanding of the importance of bee conservation and the role of beekeeping in sustainable agriculture.

This course is designed for experienced beekeepers who are looking to further their knowledge and hone their skills. With the help of experienced instructors, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of advanced beekeeping techniques and the latest developments in the field. Upon completion of the course, students will be well-prepared to grow their beekeeping operations in a variety of directions.

Course will be partially in a classroom, partially in the yard.

Protective equipment will be provided, please do not bring any of your own equipment or protective gear.