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Workshop 7: Pest Management for Bees July 15th

Workshop 7: Pest Management for Bees July 15th

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Bee pest management is an important aspect of beekeeping. In order to ensure healthy and productive colonies, beekeepers must be aware of the pests that can affect their hives. This bee pest management course will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to identify and manage common bee pests.

The course covers topics such as the biology and behavior of common bee pests, strategies for prevention and control, and the use of chemical and biological treatments. It also covers the importance of monitoring hives for signs of infestation, and how to recognize and respond to different types of pests. Additionally, the course may include information on how to use traps and other tools to monitor and control bee pests.

By taking a bee pest management course, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to protect their hives from pests.

Course will be partially in a classroom, partially in the yard.

Protective equipment will be provided, please do not bring any of your own equipment or protective gear.