Smooth Pillar Candle - 3"

Smooth Pillar Candle - 3"

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100% Ontario beeswax smooth pillar candle. Three inches tall. Our wax is filtered with our signature method to ensure the candle is free of impurities for a clean burn without sputter. Our candles use 100% cotton wick, giving our product a completely natural composition, using no synthetic materials. Candles are wicked in a way to ensure the wick is securely bonded to the candle and will not come out.

You'll notice when snuffing the candle that the wick balls up slightly, simply cut that ball off with scissors before relighting for best performance.

Candles are made in-house on our family farm in rural Tamworth Ontario. The Bee Spot is a small family run business started in 2017. We started out with honey and beeswax candles with a focus on the idea that natural products doesn't mean impure. We take pride in the way we filter our products without adding any elements to the process. Just clean, raw, natural.

For safety DO NOT leave lit candles unattended and place candles in a non flammable dish or candle holders.